Monday, November 16, 2009

My Next Blog

I've been using this Blogspot powered blog for over a year now, and it is starting to get a little long in the tooth. Therefore I've been planning on moving to a new, shinny, blog of my own in the coming months. Specifically it's going to be my goal to get myself 100% migrated over my winter break. Therefore I've started building myself a list of features I want:

  • Able to migrate all my old posts. This isn't going to be a huge deal, but it has to happen as I have quite a few posts I don't want to lose.
  • Accepts restructured text. I'm sick of writing my posts in reST and then converting it into HTML for Blogspot.
  • Pretty code highlighting.
  • Disqus for comments. I don't want to have to deal with spam or anything else, let users post with Disqus and they can deal with all the trouble.
  • Looks decent. Design is a huge weak point for me, so most of my time is going to be dedicated to this I think.
  • Django powered!
That's my pony list thus far. There's a good bet I'll use django-mingus since I've hear such good things about it, but for now I'm just dreaming of being able to write these posts in reST.


  1. I too have been considering the move to django-mingus, I need to sit down and figure out if there's a wordpress-to-mingus converter for old posts.

  2. There is no official Wordpress to Mingus management command or anything but some users have gone through the process. I'll try and reach out to some of those who have converted to mingus for some feedback for you. Good luck with the new blog!

  3. I've been planning to use django-mingus to meet your exact requirements. My blog is on blogspot too.

    I'll share my notes.

  4. I think you're daffy for wanting to use Disqus-ting.

  5. Sounds fun. Disqus is a neat project, but I think it was taking too long to load for me (as we know, each ms counts in the web world). It has a lot of neat features, but I prefer the snappier response of a django.contrib build.

    Regarding spam, now with the new features in 1.1 its pretty easy to cut that down.

    Throw akismet in the mix and you're good to go :)

  6. If you've never tried out Markdown, you should. It's like a better version of ReST.

  7. I you want to write in rest, try it will allow you to plug in any markup language into any field that's expected to contain HTML

  8. Or just go with zine from Armin, works like a charm ;)

  9. Hiya!

    I'm also shopping for some django-powered blog...

    Would like to be able to post from Emacs via xmlrpc and it looks like Byteflow ( can do it, so I wonder if Mingus can do it?

    @Xiong: Markdown is kind of reST-lite, but whether this means 'better version'...I won't comment on it.



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