Thursday, November 26, 2009

Just a Small Update

Unfortunately, I don't have an interesting, contentful post today. Just a small update about this blog instead. I now have a small widget on the right hand side where you can enter topics you'd like to hear about. I don't always have a good idea of what readers are interested in, and far too often I reject blog post ideas because I think either, "no one cares about that" or "everyone always knows that" so hopefully this will be both a good way for me to write interesting content that people want to read about, as well as a good way for me to overcome any writers block. So please submit anything you'd like to hear about, Python, Django, the web, programming in general, compilers, or me ranting about politics, I'm willing to consider any topic.

To my American readers: Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. it won't let me put this in the box because it's more than 100 chars, so i'll post it here:

    in djangodose you said something along the lines of "thats always a good thing" in regards to doctests being removed from django, whats that all about?

  2. I'd like to see realist cases of unit/functional testing (especially in TDD). Not just some assert 1+1 == 2 we see everywhere.

  3. We celebrate Thanksgiving here in India as well. ;) Happy belated Thanksgiving to you!


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