Thursday, December 25, 2008

Many Thanks to Webfaction

One of my recent projects has been to build a website for someone so that they could put their portfolio online. Building the site with Django, was of course, a snap. However, I would like to take a moment to thank Webfaction for the painless deployment. It's a small website, so shared hosting is perfect for it, and Webfaction made it a breeze. Setting up a PostgreSQL database was a snap. Getting Django installed and my code on the server was easy. My one pain point was of my own creation(I broke the PythonPath setting in the WSGI file Webfaction provides), but even with that deployment didn't take more than an hour. They even made it easy to use the ultralight weight Nginx for my static files.

All said, Webfaction was exactly what I needed from a host, and they delivered. For the curious parties you can see the site here.


  1. There's a reason webfaction is the #1 host at I just re-upped my hosting there for another year.

  2. Portfolio? What kind of Portfolio? Could you give more details, unless it's a customer site.



  3. I love WebFaction. After switching between 4-5 hosts in 2 years, WebFaction is not even comparable to the other guys.

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