Saturday, November 15, 2008

Python Things

I wasn't really sure what to name today's post, but it's basically going to be nifty things you can do in Python, and general tips.

  • SystemExit, sys.exit() raises SystemExit, if you actually want to keep going, you can just catch this exception, nothing special about it.
  • iter(callable, terminal), basically if you use iter in this way, it will keep calling the callable until the callable returns terminal, than it beaks.
  • a < x < b , in Python you can chain comparison operators like this. That's the same as writing a < x and x < b.
  • dict(), amongst the other ways to instantiate a dictionary in Python, you can give it a list of two tuples, so for example, [('a', 2), ('b', 3')] becomes {'a': 2, 'b': 3}.
  • open(filename), is an iterable, each iteration yields another line.
  • If you don't need ordering, use set() instead of list(). set() has better runtime for just about every operation, so if you don't need the ordering, use it.
  • Python comes with turtle graphics. This probably doesn't matter to most people, but if you want to help get a kid into programming, import turtle can be a great way.
  • pdb, the Python debugger is simply invaluable, try: code that isn't working, except ExceptionThatGetsRaised: import pdb; pdb.set_trace() is all it takes to get started with the itneractive debugger.
  •, this module is just cool, it opens up the users browser to the desired URL.

And those are my tips! Please share yours.

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  1. import antigravity


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